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This page contains an evolving list of links to selected DAML instances, focusing particularly on reference data applicable to a wide range of DAML applications and other data of general interest. We prefer data sets that are complete and authoritative.

See also the results of the DAML Crawler.

A wishlist of desired data sets is also being maintained.

Send recommendations for new data sources and additions/updates/corrections to [email protected].

  1. genealogy: GEDCOM
  2. geographic locations: GEOFILE
  3. English words: WordNet
  4. U.S. Military Terms: CALL Thesaurus
  5. U.S. States and Regions
  6. U.S. Cities
  7. DARPA DAML Research Teams
  8. countries: ISO and FIPS codes
  9. airports: IATA and ICAO codes
  10. companies: NYSE stock symbols
  11. companies: NASDAQ stock symbols
  12. postal codes: U.S. ZIP Codes
  13. U.S. Military Tasks: Unified Joint Task List (UJTL)
  14. U.S. Military Tasks: Unified Naval Task List (UNTL)
  15. country information: CIA World Factbook
  16. country leaders: CIA Chiefs of State
  17. U.S. Navy Ships
  18. U.S. Navy Units
  19. U.S. Military Services
  20. U.S. Military Ranks
  21. W3C publications
  22. geographic locations: NIMA GeoNames
  23. security classifications
  24. college football schedules
  25. telephone information: country codes
  26. telephone information: North American area codes and exchanges
  27. chemistry: Periodic Table of the Elements
  28. U.S. Unified Command Plan
  29. Time Zones
  30. Time Zones
  31. World Currencies
  32. subway maps: Washington, Boston, San Francisco
  33. terrorist acts
  34. hydrologic units (watersheds)

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