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GEDCOM is the de facto standard for exchanging genealogical data. ged2daml is a program for converting selected GEDCOM information into DAML.

A good freeware program capable of creating, reading, modifying, and writing GEDCOM is Personal Ancestral File (PAF), downloadable via the Order/Download Products link here.

Generated DAML can be viewed using DAML Viewer.

ged2daml was initially developed for DAML Homework Assignment 3. Lessons learned and other information is available here.


royal92.ged is a public domain GEDCOM file containing information on 3010 individuals and 1422 families of European royalty. royal92.daml was produced using ged2daml. (royal92.owl)


The following source files are available:
ged2daml.java main program
GEDCOM.java GEDCOM parser
test.bat compile/test script

Related Work

DRC concurrently developed a very similar GEDCOM ontology.


Mike Dean
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