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CIA World Fact Book in OWL

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This directory contains an OWL representation of the 2003 CIA World Fact Book. It replaces the previous CIA World Fact Book in DAML.


Here is information about the United States in HTML, OWL, and HyperDAML formats.


We processed the downloadable HTML pages using:

Notable features include:

A list of the resulting pages is available here. These pages currently total about 134,000 OWL statements. About 75% of the World Fact Book fields are currently being processed.

Possible Future Directions

Related Work

Stanford KSL processed the SGML from the 1995 CIA World Fact Book CD-ROM for the DARPA HPKB program, and subsequently made that information available in DAML-ONT and DAML+OIL (March 2001) formats. Each version contains about 37,000 DAML statements.


Mike Dean
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