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DAML Country Codes

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This page contains DAML representations of 2 widely-used standards for identifying countries by codes:
Standard Ontology Instances Generated Nightly From
ISO 3166-1 iso-3166 (dumpont) iso (HyperDAML) list-en1-semic.txt on the official ISO 3166 Maintenance Agency web site
FIPS 10-4 fips-10-4-ont (dumpont) fips (HyperDAML) fips_10_digraphs at NIMA

p-sameIndividualAs (HyperDAML) contains a mapping between fips:Country and iso:Country instances gathered from individual country pages in the CIA World Factbook in DAML.

Related Work

A number of other Semantic Web data sources add properties to these Country instances, including those shown in this WebScripter report.


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