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Subway Maps in OWL

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This directory contains subway-ont.owl (dumpont), an OWL ontology for representing subway maps on the Semantic Web, along with instances for several major subway systems.


We manually generated OWL content based on available subway maps:
Subway Map OWL
Washington DC Metro map dc.owl
Boston MBTA map mbta.owl
San Francisco BART map bart.owl

subway-ont uses a concise representation to associate Lines with an ordered list of Stations. expand.n3 contains some additional rules to directly associate adjacent Stations and link Stations with the Lines they serve.


dc.svg was generated from dc.owl using check.java.

Possible Future Directions

Related Work

mudlondon includes an RDF representation of the London Underground. Thanks to Libby Miller, who is also interested in route planning, for the reference.


Mike Dean
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