Re: DAML and complexType's?

From: Dave Rager (
Date: 04/04/02

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    The DAML Validator only handles simpleTypes and most likely generates 
    an undefined Resource Indication if it encounters a complexType. 
    Though that doesn't mean that it's not allowable in DAML+OIL.
    Mark Neighbors wrote the XML Schema Validator that I'm using on top 
    of the Oracle xsd parser, so I don't have direct knowledge of whether 
    that parser can handle complexTypes.
    At 10:27 AM -0500 4/3/02, Mike Dean wrote:
    >Re yor message at [1]:
    >>  Is it possible to use an XSD complexType as the range in a
    >>  daml:DatatypeProperty?
    >I believe that DAML+OIL should allow this.
    >You'll need to use parseType="Literal" to get the well-formed
    >XML value past an RDF parser, e.g.
    ><Person rdf:ID="joe">
    >   <address rdf:parseType="Literal">
    >     <City>...</City>
    >     <State>...</State>
    >     <Country>...</Country>
    >   </address>
    >I'm cc'ing Dave Rager, the author of the DAML Validator, who
    >can verify whether the Oracle XML Schema Processor used by
    >the Validator can handle this case.
    >Any opinions from other members of the Joint Committee [2]?
    >	Mike

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