Re: DAML and complexType's?

From: Mike Dean (
Date: 04/03/02

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    Re yor message at [1]:
    > Is it possible to use an XSD complexType as the range in a
    > daml:DatatypeProperty?
    I believe that DAML+OIL should allow this.
    You'll need to use parseType="Literal" to get the well-formed
    XML value past an RDF parser, e.g.
    <Person rdf:ID="joe">
      <address rdf:parseType="Literal">
    I'm cc'ing Dave Rager, the author of the DAML Validator, who
    can verify whether the Oracle XML Schema Processor used by
    the Validator can handle this case.
    Any opinions from other members of the Joint Committee [2]?

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