Re: DAML and complexType's?

From: Lassila Ora (NRC/Boston) (
Date: 04/03/02

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    Mike et al,
    Mike Dean <> wrote:
    > You'll need to use parseType="Literal" to get the well-formed
    > XML value past an RDF parser, e.g.
    > <Person rdf:ID="joe">
    > <address rdf:parseType="Literal">
    >   <City>...</City>
    >   <State>...</State>
    >   <Country>...</Country>
    > </address>
    > </Person>
    > I'm cc'ing Dave Rager, the author of the DAML Validator, who
    > can verify whether the Oracle XML Schema Processor used by
    > the Validator can handle this case.
    > Any opinions from other members of the Joint Committee [2]?
    You are correct. Parsing this should result in two triples, where the object
    of the one whose predicate is "address" should be a literal value containing
    the XML stuff.
    For example, the Wilbur toolkit ( will give you
    a string containing the (unparsed) XML stuff as the object.
    We have to remember that the current spec says:
    > The question of whether any XML Schema datatype can be used in such
    > constructions, or whether only certain XML Schema dataypes can be so used
    > (such as only the predefined datatypes), remains open.
    My feeling is that if your parser hands you some random XML stuff, your
    application is of course free to do whatever it wants with it (such as
    interpreting it as a complex type instance), but you cannot rely on other
    implementations to do the same. Wilbur does not do anything here, it just
    treats all literals as opaque strings.
        - Ora
    Ora Lassila
    Research Fellow, Nokia Research Center
    Chief Scientist, Nokia Venture Partners

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