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This page lists ideas for future DAML Data Sources.

Please send updates/additions, or indications that you plan to provide one of these data sets, to webmaster@daml.org.

You can also view this list in XML format.
Data sets that are still needed:
  1. U.S. Congress
  2. Movies
  3. Colleges and Universities
  4. Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes
  5. Books
  6. Serials
  7. Professional Sports Teams
  8. U.S. Military Bases
  9. Universal Product Codes
  10. Patents
  11. Registered Trademarks
  12. Highways
  13. Radio and Television Stations
  14. Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) codes
  15. Hospitals
  16. MARC 21
  17. Languages
  18. Open Source Software Licenses
  19. Supercomputers
  20. National Register of Historic Places
Data sets that are in progress:
  1. Unit Identification Codes
  2. Internet Identifiers
  3. Units of Measure
Data sets that have been completed:
  1. U.S. Unified Command Plan
  2. Periodic Table of the Elements
  3. U.S. Telephone Area Codes
  4. Time Zones
  5. Telephone Country Codes
  6. U.S. States
  7. World Currencies
  8. Subways

U.S. Unified Command Plan

The U.S. Unified Command Plan (UCP) divides responsibility along geographic and functional lines. A DAML representation of the Unified Command Plan might include

This is now available at http://www.daml.org/2003/02/ucp/.

Periodic Table of the Elements

A reference data set for chemical and related industries, probably combined with a chemistry ontology including Elements, Compounds, etc. WebElements might provide a starting point.

This is now available at http://www.daml.org/2003/01/periodictable/.

Unit Identification Codes

Provide access to the identifiers used to identify U.S. Military Units, including reporting relationships, etc.

http://www.daml.org/2002/10/sndl/ provides UICs for U.S. Navy units only.

U.S. Telephone Area Codes

Provide information on U.S. telephone area codes and exchanges, probably by encapsulating the Microsoft Access database the North American Numbering Plan Authority.

This is now available at http://www.daml.org/2002/02/telephone/.

U.S. Congress

Provide information on U.S. congressional districts and incumbents. Possibly include parties, leadership, committee assignments, etc. Possibly extend to support state legislatures and/or other similar legislative bodies.

An official ASCII list of current Representatives is available here. FIPS 9-1 may also be helpful.


Encapsulate a site like the Internet Movie Database, providing cross-referenced access to movies, actors, awards, etc.

Colleges and Universities

Provide a list of colleges, universities, and similar educational institutions, along with relevant properties (location, date founded, student population, government/religious affiliations, etc.)

Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes

Provide access to the "company types" maintained by the U.S. Commerce Department.

A data source that appears to be amenable to use with the DAML HTML Gateway Tools or similar screen scrapers is available here.


Provide access to information on published books, probably using the Dublin Core ontology, keyed by ISBN URNs.


Provide access to information on serial publications (magazines, newspapers, etc.), keyed by ISSN.

Internet Identifiers

Provide access to information on Internet domain names, address blocks, networks, autonomous systems, protocols and other assigned names and numbers, etc., ideally across multiple registries. The information available at InterNIC, rwhois.net, or ARIN may provide a starting point.

Paul Neves is working on a DAML interface to RWHOIS.

Professional Sports Teams

Provide information on professional sports teams (baseball, football, basketball, hockey, soccer, etc.) including name, location, and league, and possibly roster, schedule, standings, owners, and/or predecessor franchises.

U.S. Military Bases

Provide information on major U.S. Military bases (forts, naval stations, AFBs, camps, etc.) including locations and links to associated units.

The Defense Manpower Data Center provides such information for authorized users.

Time Zones

Provide worldwide time zone information, including GMT offset, standard abbreviations, Daylight Savings Time observation and change-over criteria, etc. This might also include links to associated countries, cities, and/or airports.

The zone.tab file in the tzdataD.tar.gz data file for the public-domain tz database used by many Unix implementations includes a mapping from ISO 3166 2-character country codes to timezones.

USC ISI is working on this.

W3C has provided http://www.w3.org/2002/12/cal/#tzd.

Telephone Country Codes

Add ITU-T E.164 telephone dialing codes as properties to ISO country code instances.

See also www.numberplan.org, www.numberingplans.com, and www.wtng.info.

This is now available at http://www.daml.org/2003/02/e164/.

Universal Product Codes

The Universal Product Codes defined by the Uniform Code Council and used on various product bar codes identify specific manufacturers and products. An unofficial open source is upcdatabase.com. UCCnet may also be relevant.


Provide information on issued patents and/or patent applications perhaps via a gateway to http://www.uspto.gov and corresponding sites for other jurisdictions.

Registered Trademarks

Provide information on Registered Trademarks, perhaps via a gateway to http://www.uspto.gov and corresponding sites for other jurisdictions.


Provide information on highways, such as the UNESCAP Asian Highway Country Data (Excel example).

Radio and Television Stations

Provide callsign, market, frequency, network affiliation, etc. for licensed radio and television stations.

Information on U.S. stations can be downloaded from the FCC CDBS Public Access site.

U.S. States

Provide standard URIs for U.S. States, based on the alpha codes from FIPS 5-2 or USPS standard abbreviations.

Terry Payne provided USRegionState.daml in April 2001.

Units of Measure

Provide standard URIs for common units of measure (feet, grams, fl. oz., etc.) to be used to annotate properties and values. Also provide conversion factors between these units.

See also ISO 31 and ISO 1000.

Mike Dean is working on converting units.lib from the GNU Units package into DAML.

World Currencies

Provide standard URIs for montetary currencies to be used to annotate properties and values. Also provide access to a source of current exchange rates.

The CIA World Factbook includes currency codes for each country.

See also ISO 4217.

Terry Payne has provided http://www.daml.ecs.soton.ac.uk/ont/currency.daml.

Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) codes

Provide standard URIs and descriptions for the job codes used by U.S. military services.


Provide system, line, station, and connectivity information for major subway systems such as Washington, Boston, San Francisco, Chicago, London, Paris, and Tokyo. Extra credit for schedules, fares, distances, street crossings, historical data, geographic locations, locality boundaries, and connections to airports, trains, buses, ferries, etc.

This is now available at http://www.daml.org/2003/05/subway/.


Identify and provide data for hospitals and other medical facilities around the world.

See HospitalWeb.


The U.S. Library of Congress and collaborators have developed the MAchine-Readable Cataloging (MARC 21, ISO 2709) set of standards for bibliographic and related information. These includes standard identifiers for countries, geographic areas, languages, organizations, etc. Approaches to using MARC and XML and MARC and Dublin Core are also available.


Provide identifiers corresponding to ISO 639-2 language codes.

A mapping between countries and their (official) language(s) would also be useful. This could be accomplished by mapping (using owl:equivalentTo) the ISO language instances to the corresponding language instances in the CIA World Fact Book in DAML.

Open Source Software Licenses

Capture the terms of the open source software licenses approved by the Open Source Initiative. Possibly apply this to DAML Tools.


Capture the Top 500 rankings of world supercomputers.

National Register of Historic Places

Provide information for entries on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places. The Register database can be downloaded from the NRIS Download Center.

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