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This list of project participants is also available in XML, DAML, and OWL formats.

BBN, Cola Atkinson, Mike Dean, Troy Self, Jeremy Lerner, Tiger Rhoades
Integration and Transition, TIC/IA experienced and will extend that model to DAML IOW
CMU, Dr. Katia Sycara, Dr. Terry Payne, Joseph Giampapa
Nokia Research Center, Ora Lassila
Agent Services for DAML - DAML ontologies and tools for advertising, requesting and discovering agent services, as well as advertisment authoring tools and matchmaking algorithms for middle agents IOW
CMU, Prof. Norman Sadeh
Development of a set of DAML+OIL ontologies, DAML-S service descriptions and rule-based preferences and permission profiles (embedded in specialized agents) to support a collection of mobile context-aware services. IOW
CMU, Prof. Roger Schank
Goal-Based Scenarios for Education and Training via the Semantic Web IOW
Cycorp, Dr. Doug Lenat, Stephen Reed, Daniel Mahler, Fritz Lehman
Ontology Interpretation Tool, Ontology Elaboration Tool and Ontology Translation Tool which intelligently interpret, elaborate, and translate locally defined DAML ontologies and connect them globally to semantic content throughout the DAMLized Web. IOW
DRC, Lee Lacy
Computer-Aided Knowledge Engineering: DAML markup tool for simulation Computer Generated Forces (CGF) behaviors IOW
GRCI, Lewis Hart, Pat Emery
Components for Ontology Driven Push - Ontology tools for UML based ontology authoring and analysis; and semantic based knowledge dissemination using a publish and subscribe paradigm. IOW
ISI, Dr. Pedro Szekely, Dr. Bob Neches, Dr. Martin Frank, Dr. Bob MacGregor
WebScripter - tools for composing ontology-enabled web services for the ordinary end-user - enabling end users to quickly and easily construct useful reports (few minutes using a five page manual) IOW
Lockheed Martin Management and Data Systems, Dr. Paul Kogut
Lockheed Martin Advanced Technology Center, Dr. Prasanta Bose
Versatile Information Systems, Dr. Mitch Kokar, Dr. Ken Baclawski
Kestrel Institute, Dr. Stephen Fitzpatrick
Lehigh University, Prof. Jeff Heflin
UML-based ontology toolset - ontology definition, an ontology consistency checking tool, and UML-to-DAML compliant translation tool. Propose to field test in a NIMA agent-based architecture project or on Cyber Intel News (CIN), an existing deployed product of LM M&DS. IOW
MIT, Tim Berners-Lee, Ralph Swick, Prof. Lynn Andrea Stein, Dan Connolly, Prof. David Karger, Danny Weitzner
Semantic Web Concept by the World Wide Web Consortium leaders IOW
MITRE, Roger Costello
OWL tutorial
Olin College, Prof. Lynn Andrea Stein
Language development, DAML-enhanced document management tools, ontologies for software development and software process management. IOW
SRI, Dr. Jerry Hobbs, Dr. Pat Lincoln
Knowledge creation tools to enable description of contents and capabilities of web sites, programs, sensors, and other computational entities IOW
Stanford University, Prof. Gio Wiederhold
ISI, Dr. Stefan Decker
University of Karlsruhe, Prof. Rudi Studer, Siegfried Handschuh
OnTo Agents, Enabling intelligent agents on the Web - developing infrastructure components: OnTo Agents webpage annotation tool, an ontology articulation toolkit, and inference system, demonstrating the capability in a logistics application, an OnToCargo-Agent for scheduling freight transport using annotated web pages IOW
Stanford University, Knowledge Systems Laboratory, Prof. Richard Fikes, Dr. Deborah McGuinness, Dr. Sheila McIlraith
University of Manchester, Prof. Ian Horrocks, Prof. Carole Goble, Dr. Robert Stevens
Tools for DAML-based services, document templates, and query-answering - a DAML-enabled web services capability, a template-based document authoring capability, and DAML-based query-answering capability IOW
Teknowledge, Dr. Bob Balzer, Dr. Neil Goldman, Dr. Marcello Tallis
Semantically Grounded Briefings - a briefing associate as an extension of PowerPoint as both a consumer and a producer of briefing content. Semantic annotation tools implemented in PowerPoint by end users IOW
Teknowledge, Dr. Allan Terry, Dr. John Li
Agent Semantic Communications Service - a search service capable of coping with the semantic heterogeneity of the web. Potential transition path to the financial community by TekPortal, an existing commercial product for financial information portal IOW
UMBC, Prof. Tim Finin
MIT Sloan, Prof. Benjamin Grosof
JHU/APL, Dr. James Mayfield, Paul McNamee
Tools for Info annotation, sharing, and retrieval - DAML.org as a vertical portal and testbed, integrating agents and the web, and interaction with knowledge-based and rule-based reasoning languages IOW
University of Edinburgh, Prof. Austin Tate
University of West Florida, Dr. Jeff Bradshaw
Coalition Search and Rescue Task Support (CoSAR-TS) IOW
University of Maryland, Prof. Ben Bederson
Information visualization and zoomable user interfaces. IOW
University of Rochester, Prof. James Allen, Dr. George Ferguson
Ontologies to express temporal concepts. IOW
University of West Florida, Dr. Patrick Hayes
An extended model theory for 'semi' public pages based on notions of access, and semantic responsibility IOW
Yale University, Prof. Drew McDermott
BBN Technologies, Dr. Mark Burstein
Kestrel Institute, Dr. Doug Smith
Automatic tools for mappings between ontologies - exploring concepts of theory morphism, equation solving to develop ontology translation services IOW

Project Advisors

Prof. Kilian Stoffel
Dr. Ramanthan V. Guha
Dr. Peter Patel-Schneider
Prof. Jim Hendler

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