Intention of Work (IOW) for FY03

Carnegie Mellon University

PI: Katia P. Sycara


CMU/Sycara is continuing to participate in the DAML-S development. CMU/Sycara is taking the lead in developing matching algorithms in order to facilitate discovery and semantic interoperation of services described in the services process language. CMU/Sycara is developing techniques to complement and augment current industry initiatives, such as UDDI (by providing semantic matching algorithms for UDDI and the DAML-S <-> UDDI bridge). As part of the ongoing work on the Middle Agents, we plan to generate datasets and metrics that can be used to perform systematic evaluations of the matching algorithms, in additions to advertised DAML-S profiles and logged requests generated by other DAML researchers. Initial evaluations will be in the form of precision/recall measurements; later evaluations will take into account time-to-match measurements, and profile the matching of requests to determine possible causes of latency and improve performance. The development of such metrics will support the iterative refinement of the matching algorithms to ensure practical, scalable performance of these algorithms within deployed systems.

CMU/Sycara will also provide DAML-S profiles and process models for Information Services as well as Semantic Interoperability Brokers, and Anonymization Brokers.

CMU/Sycara is working toward the implementation of a toolkit for DAML-S enabled web services. Such a toolkit will contain (i) a client module to interact with the DAML-S Matchmaker, (ii) a DAML-S parser and the definition of a DAML-S API that maps DAML-S specifications in Java classes to be used by any application (iii) a DAML processor based in Jess (iv) a DAML-S processor for the DAML-S Process Model and Grounding. The toolkit will automate the interaction process between DAML-S enabled web services providing the main building block to construct semantically aware web services that autonomously interact on the Internet.

CMU/Sycara will provide DAML-S profiles for various devices

CMU/Sycara will continue to participate in the DAML Experiments led by BBN. In particular, we will provide mathmaking and semantic brokering services, as well as service transactions and workflow execution.

The PI, Dr. Sycara will continue to participate as an Invited Expert in the W3C working group on Web Services Architecture. Moreover, Dr. Sycara is co-chair of the Steering Committee of the DARPA-EU Joint Committee on Semantic Web Services.

Deliverables for FY03

        Ontologies for:

o       Middle Agents

o       Service Parameters, service categories etc to support DAML-S specifications

o       Domain specific agent/service capabilities, including those for DAML-TIE Experiments

        DAML-S Releases & Formal Semantics

        DAML-S Matchmaker

o       Server available for use by the DAML community

o       Demonstration to illustrate filters, heuristics and matching algorithms used