Dynamics Research Corporation (DRC)

FY03 Intent of Work (IOW)


Task 1: Expeditionary Sensor Grid (ESG) Transition Support DRC will work with the Navy Warfare Development Command (NWDC) and its Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) representatives to provide DAML research support to NWDCs ESG initiative. The purpose of this research is to investigate technical and operational issues that could be addressed by DAML to provide desired warfighting capabilities in ESG. DRC will attend ESG meetings to gather information on the status of the ESG initiative and to gather technical and programmatic information. DRC will work to integrate the results of this task into the DAML Experiment. The following subtasks shall be performed in support of the ESG initiative:

        Subtask 1.1: Requirements Analysis,

        Subtask 1.2: High-Level Ontology and Experimentation Design,

        Subtask 1.3: Knowledge Acquisition,

        Subtask 1.4: Ontology Development, and

        Subtask 1.5: Benefits Determination.


Task 2: DAML Experimentation Support DRC will collaborate with other DAML PI teams to support the DAML Experiment(s) sponsored by Information Exploitation Office (IXO). Existing DRC-developed DAML ontologies, including the Military Task List Ontology, Scenario Task List Ontology, National and CINC objectives ontologies, and UJTL Conditions Ontology will be enhanced.


Task 3: DAML Research Team Collaboration DRC will support DAML team collaboration and promulgation of research activities by attending Principal Investigators (PI) and Semantic Web for the Military User meetings and by championing the use of DAML+OIL for military applications.


Task 4: Program Management (PM) DRC will perform PM activities including cost and status reporting. This coordination is required within the research team to ensure that demonstrations and other activities are developed on schedule and within budget. A minimal level of effort is required to respond to requirements for cost and status reporting to AFRL and DARPA.