Intent of Work


Program: DARPA Agent Markup Language

Project: UML-Based Ontology Toolset (UBOT)

Contract No. F30602-00-C-0188

Period covered: January 2003 September 2003

Prepared by: Paul Kogut

Lockheed Martin Management and Data Systems


Date: November 29, 2002


DAML Experiment


Technical Goals:

Build applications to help understand practical issues with DAML/OWL and support transition of the Semantic Web to C4ISR domains. Specific tasks include:

        Extend the 2002 DAML-S ISR agent prototype for use by military planners with realistic data. This would include:

        adding more agents, ontologies and data sources

        enhancements to take advantage of new versions of DAML-S, DAML time and geographical ontologies, DAML query and DAML rules

        experiments with matchmaking that leverages the service category in DAML-S

        experiments with automatic composition of services

        adding an imagery/map browser

        Tailor AeroDAML to generate markup of sources that would support tactical extensions of SONAT (e.g., doctrine, commanders guidance, C2 chat rooms).




Next Logical Steps:

DAML Markup Tools


Technical Goals:

Extend and refine domain independent markup tools to foster wide acceptance of the Semantic Web. Specific tasks include:




Next Logical Steps:

        Investigate tools and techniques for reducing the effort required for tailoring tools to generate domain specific markup.



Semantic Web Application Engineering


Technical Goals:

Develop a quantitative framework for understanding the query capability vs. scalability tradeoff for Semantic Web reasoning infrastructures. This framework will support design decisions for Semantic Web applications in the C4ISR domain. Specific tasks include:




Next Logical Steps:



Consistency Checking Tools for the Semantic Web


Technical Goals:

Extend and refine tools that will improve the quality of ontologies and markup and support fusion of Semantic Web information for C4ISR applications. Specific tasks include:

        Extend the consistency reasoning agent to check OWL ontologies and markup and DAML rules.

        Investigate approaches based on consistency reasoning for co-reference resolution of instances between multiple webpages. This supports fusion of Semantic Web information.

        Continue to provide candidate revisions to the DAML axiomatic semantics specification as a byproduct of formally modeling DAML with Specware and theorem proving with SNARK.




Next Logical Steps:

        Integrate consistency reasoning based fusion approaches into a C4ISR application.

        Integrate consistency reasoning agent with tools to support development of C4ISR agent applications.