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This is a list of some of the members of the OWL-S Coalition. It has been generated automatically from a file containg DAML annotations, and is an example of a Semantic Web page. See here to find out more how this page was generated.

Mark H. Burstein, Ph.D. Dr Mark Burstein (Burstein@bbn.com)
[Semantic Web annotations]

Katia Sycara Professor Katia Sycara (katia@cs.cmu.edu)
Carnegie Mellon University
[Semantic Web annotations]

Massimo Paolucci Mr Massimo Paolucci (paolucci@cs.cmu.edu)
Carnegie Mellon University
[Semantic Web annotations]

Anupriya Ankolekar Ms Anupriya Ankolekar (anupriya@cs.cmu.edu)
Carnegie Mellon University
[Semantic Web annotations]

Jerry R. Hobbs Dr Jerry Hobbs (hobbs@isi.edu)
[Semantic Web annotations]

Ora Lassila Dr Ora Lassila (ora.lassila@nokia.com)
[Semantic Web annotations]

David L Martin Dr David Martin (martin@ai.sri.com)
[Semantic Web annotations]

Sheila McIlraith Dr Sheila McIlraith (sam@ksl.stanford.edu)
Stanford University
[Semantic Web annotations]

Terry R. Payne Dr Terry Payne (trp@ecs.soton.ac.uk)
University of Southampton
[Semantic Web annotations]

Dr Bijan Parsia (bparsia@isr.umd.edu)
MindSwap (University of Maryland, College Park)
[Semantic Web annotations]

Drew V. McDermott Dr Drew McDermott
Yale University
[Semantic Web annotations]

How this page was generated

The page was partially generated using an XSLT definition to be released soon and a uri resolver service to resolve any resource uri's. Each component of the table was generated by finding all the resources that are member's of the class DAML-S-Coalition, defined in the members.daml file. The range of these properties are Friend-of-a-friend concepts. The properties of each of these classes was used to fill out each of the entries below, as follows:
< NAME="id of the foaf concept">
Image (height 80) with link to original
and ALT text taken from <foaf:name>
Link to <foaf:homepage>, text constructed from <foaf:title> <foaf:firstName> <foaf:surname>
Email in parenthesis from <foaf:mbox>, removing the mailto: if present
If present, link to <foaf:schoolHomepage>, with text from <institute>(note this was defined locally)

Link back to the concept resource id.

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