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This resource lists papers published by the DAML-S Coalition as a whole, and provides definitive literature on DAML-S and OWL-S. A much larger archive of DAML-S / OWL-S papers is available, which includes papers written by various members of the Coalition, as well as papers contributed by the broader OWL-S community.

  • David Martin, Massimo Paolucci, Sheila McIlraith, Mark Burstein, Drew McDermott, Deborah McGuinness, Bijan Parsia, Terry Payne, Marta Sabou, Monika Solanki, Naveen Srinivasan, Katia Sycara, "Bringing Semantics to Web Services: The OWL-S Approach", Proceedings of the First International Workshop on Semantic Web Services and Web Process Composition (SWSWPC 2004), July 6-9, 2004, San Diego, California, USA.
  • The DAML Services Coalition (alphabetically Anupriya Ankolenkar, Mark Burstein, Jerry R. Hobbs, Ora Lassila, David L. Martin, Drew McDermott, Sheila A. McIlraith, Srini Narayanan, Massimo Paolucci, Terry R. Payne and Katia Sycara), "DAML-S: Web Service Description for the Semantic Web", Proceedings of the First International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC), Sardinia (Italy), June, 2002.
  • DAML Services Coalition (alphabetically A. Ankolekar, M. Burstein, J. Hobbs, O. Lassila, D. Martin, S. McIlraith, S. Narayanan, M. Paolucci, T. Payne, K. Sycara, H. Zeng), "DAML-S: Semantic Markup for Web Services", in Proceedings of the International Semantic Web Working Symposium (SWWS), July 30-August 1, 2001.

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