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This is where DAML-S fragments, examples, and services can be submitted, listed, and shared with the DAML-S community.
In the near future, the submission process will be automated.


Examples can be listed within this archive by sending a message to trp@ecs.soton.ac.uk.

DAML-S Example Archive

Amazon.com Web Services Converted by M. Paolucci & N.Srinivasan, CMU

Amazon.com has released a Web Services portal to their commercial web-site. An OWL-S version was created based on this to provide a semantic interface to their site, and is being actively used by the Atlas team at CMU. This semantic portal consists of the following files (which are intended for use with OWL-S 1.1):

AWSProcess.owl Process model of the our Amazon Web Service (AWS)
AWSGrounding.owl Grounding of AWS ( Updated to DAML-S 0.9 Version)
Book.owl Ontology of Books
Music.owl Ontology of Music
AmazonSearchRequest.owl AWS Specific Ontology for Search Request. By AWS Specific, we mean that the ontology is not generic enough to represent a search request.
AmazonSpecifics.owl AWS Specific Ontology for some things returned with search results, but doesn't fit in the ontology of Books and Music. For example urls of the image of the book, sales rank, etc.
ShoppingCart.owl AWS Specific Ontology for representing a Shopping Cart.

Soton Currency Converter Terry Payne, Univ Southampton

As part of the work on DAML-S, this service has been developed based on the more recent versions of the DAML-S ontology. In addition, information has been provided to act as a tutorial to understanding the service definition.

The service is very simple: it takes three arguments, an amount and two currency codes, and returns three arguments - a new amount based on converting the amount from one currency to the other, the exchange rate used, and the date/time when the service was executed.

Visit http://www.daml.ecs.soton.ac.uk/services/SotonCurrencyConverter.html for further details.

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