Re: SWRL levels

From: Sandro Hawke (
Date: 11/17/05

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    > Ora Lassila said the following:
    > > I have the same concerns, plus I worry that the more levels/layers/variants
    > > we create, the more confusing this gets for most people (incompatibilities
    > > or no incompatibilities).
    > I remember well the uphill battle we had to convince the W3C staff 
    > (including Tim) that we wanted different flavours of OWL (well, some of 
    > us, anyway:-). I would be surprised if they were now open to a whole 
    > stack of rule-language varieties?
    It should be interesting to see how this all gets worked out in Phase
    2 of the RIFWG.   We should be able to avoid these questions for Phase
    1, though.
        -- sandro

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