RE: SWRL levels

From: Mike Dean (
Date: 11/17/05

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    > I remember well the uphill battle we had to convince the W3C staff
    > (including Tim) that we wanted different flavours of OWL (well, some of
    > us, anyway:-). I would be surprised if they were now open to a whole
    > stack of rule-language varieties?
    My primary intent was to show that the constructs of SWRL could be applied
    at each level of the current Semantic Web stack, rather than to introduce
    additional stratification.  A number of people currently dismiss SWRL out of
    hand because the current specification includes OWL.
    It may also be useful to think about an additional level between SWRL RDFS
    and SWRL DLP that corresponds to Carin (ALCN R?).

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