Re: SWRL sameAs/differentFrom inconsistency

From: Benjamin Grosof (
Date: 11/15/04

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    Hi all,
    At 05:36 AM 11/15/2004 -0500, Mike Dean wrote:
    >While recently writing translators between SWRL XML and SWRL RDF, I noticed
    >an inconsistency in the SWRL specification ([1] and previous versions).
    >The Abstract Syntax (and the RDF Concrete Syntax) use
    >   sameAs '(' i-object i-object ')'
    >   differentFrom '(' i-object i-object ')'
    >while the XML Concrete Syntax (and swrlx.xsd) uses
    >   <swrlx:sameIndividualAtom>
    >     Content: ( swrlx:iObject* )
    >   </swrlx:sameIndividualAtom>
    >   <swrlx:differentIndividualsAtom>
    >     Content: ( swrlx:iObject* )
    >   </swrlx:differentIndividualsAtom>
    >My preference would be to modify the XML Concrete Syntax to take exactly 2
    >iObject's for both atoms.
    Mine too -- with one caveat.  We should be consistent with what OWL does, 
    and presumably that's exactly two?
    In the longer term, it might be convenient to permit k-ary sameAs and k-ary 
    differentFrom, how about we add that to the issues list?
    >         Mike
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