Joint Committee telecon today 14 October

From: Mike Dean (
Date: 10/14/03

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    I'm scheduled to arrive in Tampa just before the telecon.
    If I'm delayed, Danielle will initiate the call and Benjamin
    will chair.
    We're behind schedule, unfortunately, with respect to
    finalizing the warning label and announcing our current
    drafts to the email lists before the PI Meeting.  See the
    agenda below.
    We'll have our weekly telecon today (October 14) from
    4-5pm EDT, 1-2pm PDT, and corresponding times in other
    The dial-in numbers are
      U.S.:  866-779-0774
      outside U.S.:  +1-334-309-0263
      After dialing, enter *7289913* (including stars)
      If you're asked, the chairperson is Mike Dean
    A parallel logged IRC session will be available on the
    #joint-committee channel at (see for the server password).
    Below is a draft agenda; additions are welcome.
    agenda updates/additions
    minutes deferred - see also [1] and [2]
    warning label (Benjamin, et al - 20 min)
    updated publication plans (Ian, Peter, et al - 10 min)
      announce to after PI Meeting?
    any last minute DAML PI Meeting details (all - 10 min)
      each group of speakers (Ian/Peter and Harold/Said) should
      prepare for a 30 minute talk, to allow plenty of time for
      feedback and discussion
    next week
      no telecon Oct 21 due to ISWC2003
      Oct 28:  recap and address feedback from DAML PI Meeting,
      RuleML-2003 Workshop [3], and ISWC2003 [4]

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