Merged Rules and RuleML Results

From: Harold Boley (
Date: 07/08/03

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    Merged Rules and RuleML Results
    Harold Boley & Said Tabet                                       8 July 2003
    This is a summary of our merged Rules and RuleML results with Benjamin, also
    referring to work by Mike, Stefan, Ian, and other JC members. It only mentions
    documents in, or reachable via, the JC archive. This is our input for today's
    rules merging discussion.
    Rules for the Semantic Web are part of the big picture of
    Semantic Web KR:
    Outline of RuleML Working Note Draft:
    RuleML Meets RDF:
    N3 in Object-Oriented RuleML:
    Description Logic and Horn Rules can be semantically integrated as 
    Description Logic Programs:
    It is also possible to construct an
    OWL/RDF syntax for RuleML:
    RuleML abstract syntax and DTD documents:
    Rules ASCII Syntax: Ordered and Unordered Options:
    RuleML's Horn logic program semantics:
    axiomatization of explicit equality for LP rules language:
    DRAFT: List of Built-ins:
    New Version Use Cases Document:
    RuleML Discount use case example for Datalog and Hornlog:
    Rule test cases:

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