Description Logic Programs working paper -- new version

From: Benjamin Grosof (
Date: 11/22/02

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    Hi folks,
    A new version, much expanded, of the Description Logic Programs working 
    paper by myself and Ian Horrocks is now available:
    "Description Logic Programs:  Combining Logic Programs with Description 
    Logic", version of Nov. 21, 2002, at [1].
    This is a real paper now in terms of level of detail and motivation.
    Comments are most welcome.
    Note I've cross-posted this to www-rdf-rules and RuleML-steering list.
    Mini-Abstract:  We show how to interoperate, semantically and inferentially,
    between the leading Semantic Web approaches to rules (RuleML
    Logic Programs) and ontologies (OWL/DAML+OIL Description Logic) via
    analyzing their expressive intersection.
    Prof. Benjamin Grosof
    Web Technologies for E-Commerce, Business Policies, E-Contracting, Rules, 
    XML, Agents, Semantic Web Services
    MIT Sloan School of Management, Information Technology group or

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