Are we following the Roadmap or not?

From: Sandro Hawke (
Date: 06/04/03

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    I probably should have raised this issue on the call, but it was going
    on much too long for me.
    I'm confused about our process here.  We agreed to a roadmap [1] which
    > Phase I:  we start with defining:
    > o Datalog Horn logic programs, with URIrefs for predicate etc. logical
    > constants, cf. RuleML; and
    > coordinate/cross-fertilize this with the specification of
    > Datalog Horn FOL in Common Logic.
    > (Datalog here means without logical functions of non-zero arity.)
    > o then Horn without the Datalog restriction
    but now you say:
    > consensus:
    > important topics for future discussion:
    > - built-ins (next week)
    > - human-consumption string syntaxes (2 weeks from now)
    > - explicit equality, names (3 weeks from now)
    > - semantics of procedural attachments, how to relate that to classical logic
    Didn't we agree to get Phase I done and out the door before we move on
    to Phase II issues like built-ins, procedural attachments, and NAF?
    The big issues I see in Phase I are:
       1.  Syntax
          a.  Friendly Syntax
          b.  RDF-layered syntax
          c.  XML (ruleML style) syntax
       2.  Semantics
          a.  Is there any observable difference in Phase I between
              HornLP and HornFOL?   If yes, then which do we pick?
          b.  Semantics of RDF-layered syntax
    Not all of these are trivial, and I'm afraid if we talk much about
    built-ins or procedural attachments at this stage, we'll never get
    anything out the door.  As fun and educational as these meetings are,
    it would still be nice to actually produce something.  :-)
          -- sandro

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