Re: Validating daml+oil-ex.daml

From: Peter F. Patel-Schneider (
Date: 11/01/01

From: Frank van Harmelen <>
Subject: Re: Validating daml+oil-ex.daml
Date: Thu, 01 Nov 2001 00:08:57 +0100

> Jeff wrote:
> > > 2) The Person class has a restriction stating the a person can have only
> > > one FullTimeOccupation, but FullTimeOccupation is not defined in the
> > > ontology. The FullTimeOccupation class should be added to the ontology.
> Peter answered:
> > It probably should be, but it is not strictly necessary, as its position in a
> > restriction makes it an rdf:Class.
> We've discussed this a few times in the past. It was then considered a deliberate feature of the example to show that DAML+OIL allows the usage of (e.g.) classes before they are "defined", or even when they are not "defined" at all (particularly in a Web context).
> I still consider this a feature of the example, not a bug.
> Frank.
>    ----
I had forgotten this discussion, and I agree with Frank (feature, not bug).


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