Re: Errors in the March 2001 DAML+OIL specs

From: Peter F. Patel-Schneider (
Date: 10/30/01

From: Jeff Heflin <>
Subject: Errors in the March 2001 DAML+OIL specs
Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2001 13:55:22 -0500

> Hello everyone,
> I've asked the students in my class to develop their own DAML+OIL
> ontologies, and in the process we've been putting the March 2001 specs
> through their paces. Here are a couple of bugs we've found:
> 1) In the Reference Description, the section on
> rdf:parseType="daml:collection" does not use the correct syntax in its
> examples. The example has:
> <oneOf rdf:parseType="daml:collection">
>   <Thing rdf:resource="#red"/>
>   <Thing rdf:resource="#white"/>
>   <Thing rdf:resource="#blue"/>
> </oneof>
> However, the attribute on the Thing elements should be rdf:ID or
> rdf:about. Why? Each Thing element should be a typedNode (see production
> 6.13 in Section 6 of RDFM&S) and typed nodes must have either rdf:ID or
> rdf:about attributes. The rdf:resource attribute is only used with
> properties. Note that elsewhere in the Reference and in the Walkthrough
> we consistently use rdf:about or rdf:ID.

Changed in daml+oil-reference.html (six places).

> 2) Has the Disjoint class been deleted? daml+oil.daml has a comment to
> this effect, but the Walkthru still contains two paragraphs on it.
> Furthermore, it still appears in the index of the Reference document,
> even though none of the text in the document describes it. If the class
> has been removed from the language, then we need to remove all traces of
> it from the documents. If it wasn't supposed to be removed, then we need
> to rework it, because it's broken (I can explain in a separate message
> if anyone's interested).

Disjoint removed from walkthrough (two paragraphs worth).
Disjoint removed from model theory (one point).
Disjoint removed from reference (a note, not an index entry).

> 3) In the Housekeeping section of the Walkthru, the example of
> daml:imports is missing the "/" before the end of the tag need to
> indicate that it is an empty element.

Already fixed.

> 4) This is kind of nitpicking, but in the Walkthru, Ian is listed under
> Acknowledgements, even though he is already listed as an editor.

Already fixed.

> Is it too late to see if these errors are in the Note submitted to the
> W3C? I don't know where the current version of it is, so I couldn't
> check it myself.
> Jeff

Note: no changes required to any .daml files.


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