on behalf of Jim Hendler

From: Joseph Coffman (jcoffman@bbn.com)
Date: 10/22/01

>    Does this mean W3C people cannot participate in any open source
>efforts??  I propose we simply consider DAML+OIL as if it was open
>source.  I don't see what IP we want to claim -- any tools developed
>by any of us remain our own.  The language is something I don't see
>any of us owning/licensing.
>    Officially, by the way, DARPA's policy is to leave our PIs owning
>their own IP, govt gets a perpetual, royalty free license (It's in
>the contract your organization signed when they accepted the money).
>Patents and etc. go back to your organization if requested, this is
>Federal law as I recall.
>    In this case, I'm simply wondering what IP anyone thinks they want
>to keep in this thing -- if we were talking about the tool kit or
>etc, it would be different.
>    -JH

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