Re: Information Exchanged During Query-Answering

From: Frank van Harmelen (
Date: 09/25/01

Richard Fikes wrote:
> DQL 0.1 provides a language for expressing a query to a DAML+OIL
> knowledge base and a language for expressing an answer to such a query.
> Although languages for expressing a query and an answer are clearly
> needed, they support only a subset of the essential information that
> needs to be exchanged during query-answering.  Specifically, they do not
> support the following:
> [.. follow a list of what I would call "pragmatics" ..]

These seem to me to all be valid concerns indeed. In fact, many of them would equally well apply in a traditional database context (though not all). Is there any work on how to express and implement such a set of pragmatic directives from the DB community? 


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