Re: Information Exchanged During Query-Answering

From: Stefan Decker (
Date: 09/25/01


another language that we (partially) already discussed in this space is
TRIPLE, an RDF Query, Rule and Transformation Language.
Triple explicitly supports querying of RDF data under multiple semantics
and has built in primitives for:

  - parameterized RDF Models (set of RDF Statements). Models are first 
class elements
    in TRIPLE.
  - Multiple semantics (as long as a the set of axioms defining a specific 
language is expressible in
    Horn Logic). An extension is in preparation, which enables to query
    RDF models with the full DAML+OIL semantics by plugging in a 
specialized inference engine.
  - Rules

TRIPLE has an RDF based syntax  (for shipping arround Rules with DAML+OIL)
as well as a human readable syntax.

An servlet-based implementation is available at (a HTML form).
A first publication (accepted for DDLP 2001) is available from

Thanks and all the best,


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