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From: Ian Horrocks (
Date: 08/24/01


We agreed on Tuesday that we would all be happy for daml+oil to be in
the public domain and not copyrighted by anyone - in particular not
copyrighted by a publisher or some such. If this isn't possible then I
suppose we, or some suitable subset of us, should copyright it as you
have suggested.


On August 24, Jim Hendler writes:
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> >Jim, Danc
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> >What's the status on the DAML+OIL W3C Note Submission?  This request 
> >has reached the urgent stage.
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> OK, folks - I think we must get this worked out ASAP - if it was 
> discussed on the Telecon Tues, please let me know what was decided. 
> Otherwise, I suggest we ask Peter P-S to submit this as a note (his 
> connection to the W3C is clear) and that we either all decide not to 
> copyright the thing, or perhaps more easily we decide to make some 
> small set of people who we trust the copyright holders (which is done 
> by putting a copyright statement on the document) and then that 
> person or persons gives W3C permission to redistribute.
>   W3C really needs us to do this right away because it should have 
> been done before the WebONT call went out, but fell through the 
> cracks.
>   The documents look to be in appropriate formats and the like - main 
> thing needed is this copyright thing resolved.
> Ralph - if there is anything else we need to know, please tell us
> Mike - please make this very high priority for the group
>   thanks
>   Jim H.
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