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From: Jim Hendler (jhendler@darpa.mil)
Date: 08/24/01

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>Jim, Danc
>What's the status on the DAML+OIL W3C Note Submission?  This request 
>has reached the urgent stage.
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OK, folks - I think we must get this worked out ASAP - if it was 
discussed on the Telecon Tues, please let me know what was decided. 
Otherwise, I suggest we ask Peter P-S to submit this as a note (his 
connection to the W3C is clear) and that we either all decide not to 
copyright the thing, or perhaps more easily we decide to make some 
small set of people who we trust the copyright holders (which is done 
by putting a copyright statement on the document) and then that 
person or persons gives W3C permission to redistribute.
  W3C really needs us to do this right away because it should have 
been done before the WebONT call went out, but fell through the 
  The documents look to be in appropriate formats and the like - main 
thing needed is this copyright thing resolved.

Ralph - if there is anything else we need to know, please tell us

Mike - please make this very high priority for the group
  Jim H.
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