Re: DAM+OIL agent application competition

From: Mike Dean (
Date: 06/07/01

> He suggested to organise a competition in the
> agent-community for DAML+OIL applications.  This would mean
> describing a particular use-case (or: -cases), and challenge
> agent-builders to realise that (and similar) scenario's,
> using DAML+OIL technology.


Jim wasn't on Tuesday's telecon.  I had planned to bring
this up anyway, but ran out of time.  I'd like to revisit it
next week.

The HotDAML "incentive program" among funded DAML
participants (announced at the February PI meeting) shares
some of these properties.  I know Jim had to jump through
several legal hoops to make that happen.

We should see HotDAML results from various groups at the PI
Meeting in July.  I hope to have a lot of additions for [1].




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