DAM+OIL agent application competition

From: Frank van Harmelen (Frank.van.Harmelen@cs.vu.nl)
Date: 06/05/01

I introduced Mathias Klusch (very active in the agent-community) to DAML+OIL and he liked very much what he saw. We concluded that there was now a lot of DAML+OIL infrastructure around (and growing). What is most needed now are applications (I think this is a viewpoint warmly shared by Jim?). 

He suggested to organise a competition in the agent-community for DAML+OIL applications. This would mean describing a particular use-case (or: -cases), and challenge agent-builders to realise that (and similar) scenario's, using DAML+OIL technology. 

Details of course to be worked out. 
I would have brought this up tonight had I been on the phone.
Could you give me feedback (in the minutes, or by email) on
- if this is a good idea
- if the DAML programme could sponsor part of the price money for such a competition (other sponsors could be OntoWeb from the Eureopean side, and some industrial stakeholders in DAML+OIL/members of OntoWeb).

Thanks for any early feedback you can give us on this half-baked idea.


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