Re: A comment on DAML FAQ

From: pat hayes (
Date: 06/06/01

>p.s. Above could also be my comment on the rules controversy -seems 
>to me we're producing XORs rather than ORs - we should be building 
>multiple proposals and then figuring out what we want to recommend 

I think what we have been sorting out recently is that it is an OR 
rather than an AND. I think we all kind of agree that there are at 
least two distinct notions of 'rule' here, and that different people 
are more interested in one than another, and as long as we don't get 
them mixed up we should be able to get on with both of them.

For the record, I was expecting my 'straw man' to get torched almost 
immediately, but I don't see the fires burning yet.


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