Re: A few comments on the new DAML-OIL spec

From: Peter F. Patel-Schneider (
Date: 03/08/01

I changed two files as follows and checked them back in

	Add sameIndividualAs and differentIndividualFrom
	Fix <tt> tag

	Add sameIndividualAs and differentIndividualFrom
	Fix pointers to nonNegativeInteger
	Fix comment for UnambiguousProperty

There was already an attempted fix for nonNegativeInteger but it didn't
have .xsd and also had the wrong month.  I think that everything is correct

This fixes Jeff's problems, except for the extraneous paragraph in
reference.html and the mismatch between the definitional files (the ones
above) and the other files concerning untyped literals.


PS:  Who, if anyone, is fixing these other files?

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