Re: acknowledging code contributors

From: Stefan Decker (
Date: 03/08/01


actually, since Ontologies are electronic artefacts it would make
sense to deliver Dublin Core metadata with them.
That means Dublin Core metadata annotations should be part of the
DAML specifications for Ontologies.

I suggested this a while back for OIL, and I think I makes also
sense for DAML+OIL.



At 02:59 AM 3/8/2001 -0500, Mike Dean wrote:
>Something I forgot to suggest yesterday ...
>Last week we agreed to add a list of contributors to the
>software files (daml+oil.daml, daml+oil-ex.daml,
>daml+oil-ex-dt.xsd, etc.) included in the DAML+OIL release.
>Should we use Dublin Core [1] for the .daml files?  This
>would provide the information in a more usable form, and
>might be useful for other purposes as well.  A strawman set
>of statements for inclusion in daml+oil.daml (with an
>incomplete list of contributors) is given below.
>DC experts, feel free to offer corrections or other advice.
>In particular, I couldn't readily find a reference on how to
>encode element qualifiers in RDF.
>         Mike
><rdf:RDF xmlns:rdf=""
>          xmlns:dc="">
>   <rdf:Description about="">
>     <dc:title>DAML+OIL (March 2001) namespace</dc:title>
>     <dc:creator>Joint US/EU ad hoc Agent Markup Language 
> Committee</dc:creator>
>     <dc:description>This is the specification for the DARPA Agent Markup 
> Language (DAML), represented in Resource Description Framework 
> (RDF).</dc:description>
>     <dc:publisher>Joint US/EU ad hoc Agent Markup Language 
> Committee</dc:publisher>
>     <dc:contributor>Dan Connolly</dc:contributor>
>     <dc:contributor>Frank van Harmelen</dc:contributor>
>     <dc:contributor>Ian Horrocks</dc:contributor>
>     <dc:contributor>Deb McGuinness</dc:contributor>
>     <dc:contributor>Peter Patel-Schneider</dc:contributor>
>     <dc:contributor>Lynn Andrea Stein</dc:contributor>
>     ...
>     <dc:date>2001-03-14</dc:date>
>     <dc:type>Dataset</dc:type>
>     <dc:format>text/xml</dc:format>
>     <dc:identifier rdf:resource=""/>
>     <dc:language>en</dc:language>
>     <dc:relation rdf:resource="reference.html"/>
>   </rdf:Description>

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