acknowledging code contributors

From: Mike Dean (
Date: 03/08/01

Something I forgot to suggest yesterday ...

Last week we agreed to add a list of contributors to the
software files (daml+oil.daml, daml+oil-ex.daml,
daml+oil-ex-dt.xsd, etc.) included in the DAML+OIL release.

Should we use Dublin Core [1] for the .daml files?  This
would provide the information in a more usable form, and
might be useful for other purposes as well.  A strawman set
of statements for inclusion in daml+oil.daml (with an
incomplete list of contributors) is given below.

DC experts, feel free to offer corrections or other advice.
In particular, I couldn't readily find a reference on how to
encode element qualifiers in RDF.




<rdf:RDF xmlns:rdf=""
  <rdf:Description about="">
    <dc:title>DAML+OIL (March 2001) namespace</dc:title>
    <dc:creator>Joint US/EU ad hoc Agent Markup Language Committee</dc:creator>
    <dc:description>This is the specification for the DARPA Agent Markup Language (DAML), represented in Resource Description Framework (RDF).</dc:description>
    <dc:publisher>Joint US/EU ad hoc Agent Markup Language Committee</dc:publisher>
    <dc:contributor>Dan Connolly</dc:contributor>
    <dc:contributor>Frank van Harmelen</dc:contributor>
    <dc:contributor>Ian Horrocks</dc:contributor>
    <dc:contributor>Deb McGuinness</dc:contributor>
    <dc:contributor>Peter Patel-Schneider</dc:contributor>
    <dc:contributor>Lynn Andrea Stein</dc:contributor>
    <dc:identifier rdf:resource=""/>
    <dc:relation rdf:resource="reference.html"/>

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