Re: A few comments on the new DAML-OIL spec

From: Ian Horrocks (
Date: 03/08/01

On March 8, Peter F. Patel-Schneider writes:
> I changed two files as follows and checked them back in
> model-theoretic-semantics.html
> 	Add sameIndividualAs and differentIndividualFrom
> 	Fix <tt> tag
> daml+oil.daml
> 	Add sameIndividualAs and differentIndividualFrom
> 	Fix pointers to nonNegativeInteger
> 	Fix comment for UnambiguousProperty
> There was already an attempted fix for nonNegativeInteger but it didn't
> have .xsd and also had the wrong month.  I think that everything is correct
> now.

You are right w.r.t. the month but I'm not sure about .xsd - both and
seem to point to the same file. If .xsd is correct then
daml+oil-ex-dt.daml also needs updating.

> This fixes Jeff's problems, except for the extraneous paragraph in
> reference.html and the mismatch between the definitional files (the ones
> above) and the other files concerning untyped literals.
> peter
> PS:  Who, if anyone, is fixing these other files?

I believe we agreed that Frank (and maybe Pat?) will work on these.


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