Re: DAML and Dublin Core: incompatibility?

From: Dan Connolly (
Date: 03/03/01

> > Dublin core is at-risk because of C) as well as D), IMO.
> If you believe this, can I ask that you provide a summary of the risk as
> you see it that I can get onto the DCMI Architecture agenda as a matter
> of urgency.

Er... I've told you; you're the chair. Our conversation has a public
archive (MikeD, where is that archive? I know it's around
somewhere, but I don't see it at
What else do you want me to do? If you want me
to argue and defend a position in the DCMI arch group, sorry, I don't
have spare time in my schedule for new commitments just now.

> Extra points if you can reference W3C specs that DC's
> RDF implementation violates.

My argument isn't based on W3C specs; as I said,
it's "Based on the experience I have building tools and apps",
which see

Dan Connolly

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