Joint Committee Minutes 14 August 2001

This page summarizes the telecon for the Joint US/EU Committee on Agent Markup Languages held from 1300 to 1400 PDT on 14 August 2001. These minutes were prepared by the chairman, and were approved during the 21 August telecon.



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Last Telecon's Minutes

Deferred to next week.


Eric Miller, W3C Semantic Web Activity lead, introduced the new W3C Web Ontology Working Group (WebOnt). The Call for Participation was sent to W3C members last night, and the group was announced this afternoon. Details are available here. Jim Hendler will chair the group. This is a major milestone for the Joint Committee, the DAML program, DARPA, and W3C.


Ian reported on discussions with the DAML-S Coalition during the DAML PI Meeting, where they raised concerns about the expressiveness of the current DAML+OIL language.

DAML-PI Meeting

Mike recalled the Reasoning and Rules breakout session at the DAML PI Meeting, which may have a significant bearing on our next steps.

Semantic Web Working Symposium (SWWS)

This was a very successful conference. SWWS had ~250 participants, reflecting very broad interest (industry, academia, international, ...) in the Semantic Web.

Stefan noted that follow-ups are being posted to the conference site. Of participular interest is a list of challenges, continuing the calendar challenge for which Stefan presented folks from CMU a bottle of champagne.

Deb announced that a steering committee for future SWWS meetings has been announced that includes, among others, Stefan Decker, Jim Hendler, and Deborah McGuinness.

Dieter Fensel is organizing the next SWWS in June 2002 in conjunction with the OntoWeb meeting in Sardinia.

A book is being prepared.


Ian Horrocks, Benjamin Grosof, Stefan Decker, and Peter Patel-Schneider met during IJCAI to discuss rules. They hope to present a formal proposal next week.

Jim Hendler reported on the panel The Semantic Web Elephant: What Do the Blind Men See?, which attracted over 200 people even amid parallel sessions on the last day of the conference. A surprising number of audience questions focused on XML. Again, there was a lot of interest and excitement, and very little criticism from the AI community.

Next Steps

Jim outlined a proposal he'd discussed informally with several folks:

This proposal was well received.

Dan Connolly indicated that he (and Jim Hendler) expect to be consumed by WebOnt, and would be unlikely to continue active participation in the Joint Committee. Dan and Eric indicated that someone else from W3C might become involved. Pat, Deb, and others stressed the value of active W3C participation.

Mike suggested that the group focus a little more broadly than just rules and query, addressing other new ground like working with multiple ontologies, and continuing to address language issues raised by the expanding DAML+OIL user base.

Eric said that he wanted much tighter coordination between the Joint Committee and the Semantic Web Coordination Group. The chair of the reconstituted Joint Committee could be invited to join the Semantic Web Coordination Group.

We'll continue this discussion next week, giving folks a chance to think about things.

New DAML Program Manager

Jim Hendler announced that Murray Burke will succeed him as DARPA Program Manager for the DAML program, effective September 1.

RDF Core Feedback

Pat Hayes reported on the recent RDF Core Face-to-Face Meeting.

Our feedback has been well received, however the working group declined our request to allow subclass loops, citing compatibility concerns with mapping to object-oriented programming languages.

Frank asked if they proposed an additional mechanism to represent class equality.

We'll plan to discuss this at length in 2 weeks.

Next Week

We'll keep our current weekly telecon schedule for the time being.

Next week we'll issue an open invitation to potential new members, including

We'll plan to split our time between the expected rules proposal and continuing the discussion on next steps.


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