Coordination points between RDF(S) and DAML+OIL.

Peter Patel-Schneider
Frank van Harmelen
10 July 2001
after discussion in the Joint Committee

This document describes which areas of RDF and RDF Schema need attention based on our experiences with defining DAML+OIL as an extension of RDF Schema. It is input from the DAML+OIL Joint Committee to the RDF Core working group.
We discuss:

What does DAML+OIL depend on from RDF(S)

What does DAML+OIL not use at all

We have chosen to not assign semantics to the following elements of RDF and RDF Schema:

What changes does DAML+OIL require

As indicated in the
DAML+OIL reference document and as summarised in a message to the www-rdf-logic mailing list, DAML+OIL takes exception to the intended/inferred semantics of RDF Schema in three places:

What areas are problematic

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