my notes from today's JC telecon

From: Benjamin Grosof ([email protected])
Date: 06/17/03

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    Hi folks,
    Here are my notes from today's JC telecon -- inline'd and attached, as usual.
    % notes from JC telecon 6/17/03
    % by Benjamin Grosof
    agenda  discussion on ASCII syntax, presentation by Harold Boley
    Harold walked thru the whole thread
    starting with
    ending with
    issue:  semantics of sequence/list and "rest" variables
    Pat:  cf. SCL, sequence/list variables
    can take one beyond 1st-order in general, even violate compactness
    (theorem not following from any finite subset of an infinite set of axioms)
    - e.g., can axiomatize arithmetic
    - depends on universally quantified sequence ("@") variables
    Benj Q:  intuitively, seems OK if are doing existentials as queries in LP
    Pat A:  probably is OK, esp. since in LP have Herbrand/minimal models
    Benj:  observation:
    Harold's proposal wrt permitted appearance of sequence (",") in argument
    collections simplifies the nesting syntax for tup's and roli's that
    was proposed in RuleML V0.8
    Benj: desirable often to permit users to specify and employ a
    particular sequencing (rather than only a generic
    lexicographic/canonical normalization as basis for positionalizing) be
    declared for a given predicate's arguments even when it has OO
    argument slot names as well
    Harold:  yes, can do this if have signature declarations, cf. OO modeling
    systems like Protege or Description Logic, e.g., using classes of fillers
    Benj:  sometimes have two arguments/slots with the same filler class
    -- Pat:  or overlapping classes --
    so we want a bit different kind of signature declaration
    Benj:  also when unambiguous one may want to refer to the slots by their
    filler classes
    Benj: cautionary note:
    ",," or ";;" is dangerous human syntax for rest variables --
    easily could be a typo
    Pat:  yes
    Harold:  I'm not attached to these
    agenda for next week:  explicit equality and semantics; and roadmap
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