Re: about vs. ID

From: Dan Connolly ([email protected])
Date: 01/07/01

Frank van Harmelen wrote:
> On the issue of using about= everywhere, vs. using ID= in one place, and using about= everywhere else.
> [1] I suggested to switch to about= everywhere. Since the semantics doesn't favour one place over another, why should the syntax?

Exactly. I had that epiphany a while ago; I think I'm the one that
brought it to TimBL's attention.

> [2] The issue was discussed in the margin of the Washington meeting (between at least Dan, Ora, Ian and me). Ian claimed that someone (Ora? Dan?) said it would be better RDF style to have one ID= location. I'm fuzzy on the conclusion of this (and it's not in the minutes or the irc log).

I think perhaps ID="..." is conventional, but it's perhaps
a convention we should discourage.

> [3] Tim strongly argued in favour of using about= everywhere.
> I would really like to hear Ora and Dan on this before I go ahead and take the trouble of updating the walkthrough and the reference document.
> Dan, Ora: can you please comment on this before or during next Tuesday's teleconf?

Go for it.

Dan Connolly, W3C

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