SWSL Committee: Working Materials

March 20, 2003 telecon

Benjamin Grosof: "Overview of Semantic Web Services"

March 27, 2003 telecon

David Martin: Semantic Web Services: Scope and Objectives

April 3, 2003 telecon

Christoph Bussler: "Semantic Web Modeling Framework (WSMF)"

Face-to-face meeting: April 10-12, 2003; Miami

May 1, 2003 telecon

Francisco Curbera, Frank Leymann, Rania Khalaf (IBM): "BPEL4WS"

May 29, 2003 telecon

Benjamin Grosof: Semantic Web Services: Obstacles and Attractions (panel at the 12th Intl. Conf. on the World Wide Web)

June 5, 2003 telecon

Frank Leymann: Web Services: Distributed Applications Without Limits - An Outline (slides of keynote address)

June 12, 2003 telecon

Michael Gruninger: PSL and SWSL

June 19, 2003 telecon

Michael Kifer: Concurrent Transaction Logic for SWS (pdf)

Face-to-face meeting: October 18-19, 2003; Captiva Island, Florida, USA

December 4, 2003 telecon

Rick Hull:

December 18, 2003 telecon

Karl Aberer: Some Requirements for Semantic Web Services from CROSSFLOW and OPELIX (ppt)

March 4 and March 11, 2004 telecons

Daniela Berardi:

April 29 2004 telecon

Steve Ross-Talbot: "Web Services Choreography and Process Algebra"

Face-to-face meeting: May 23-24 2004; New York City

June 17 2004 telecon

Dieter Fensel: Web Services Modeling Ontology

June 30 2004 WSMO telecon

Presentation of FLOWS to the WSMO telecon

July 1 2004 telecon

Michael Kifer: SWSL Rules: Sketch of the proposed language

Sept. 23, 2004 telecon

Rick Hull: Notes on SWSL Process Model

Dec. 16, 2004 telecon

Munindar P. Singh, Amit K. Chopra, Nirmit Desai, Ashok U. Mallya:
OWL-P: Processes = Protocols + Policies

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