RE: suggested edits on SWRL-FOL document (I think they're high-priority)

From: Said TABET (
Date: 12/21/04

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    Hi Mike and All,
    The edits suggested by Benjamin look good to me. We should consider adding them.
          -- Said
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    > % suggested edits on SWRL-FOL document by Benjamin Grosof 12/21/04 early
    > aft.
    > % wrt the current version of the SWRL-FOL document, which is at:
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    > Hi folks,
    > You may recall we've had quite a bit of discussion previously that it
    > is important to make clear the relationship of SWRL-FOL to full FOL,
    > to standard formulation(s) of FOL, and to FOL RuleML.
    > This was also stressed by a number of the people giving feedback on
    > SWRL-FOL at the DAML PI Meeting (including Mark Greaves).
    > I find that the current version of the document does not yet
    > make this clear enough.
    > In particular, the title, the abstract, and the introduction do not make
    > it clear enough.
    > This motivates me to suggest the following edits.
    > 1. Title:
    > A Proposal for a SWRL Extension towards First-Order Logic
    > Comment:  This replaces "to" by "towards"
    > 2. Abstract:
    > This is a description of a proposed extension of SWRL to handle
    > function-free unary/binary first-order logic. This is intended to be a
    > minimal extension that fits well with SWRL, OWL, and
    > RDF.  Transformation-based techniques to handle functions and n-ary
    > predicates are suggested in an appendix.
    > Comment:  this adds the qualification "function-free" before "unary/binary
    > first-order logic", and adds a sentence explaining the appendix.
    > 3. Introduction:
    > This document contains a proposal for an extension to the SWRL extension
    > of
    > OWL [SWRL]. This proposal extends the set of OWL axioms to include an
    > axiom
    > for arbitrary function-free first-order formula over unary and binary
    > predicates, interpreted in the usual manner. A high-level abstract syntax
    > is provided that extends the OWL abstract syntax described in the OWL
    > Semantics and Abstract Syntax document [OWL S&AS]. An extension of the
    > SWRL
    > and OWL model-theoretic semantics is also given to provide a formal
    > meaning
    > for OWL ontologies including formulae written in this abstract syntax.
    > Comment:  this adds "function-free" before "first-order formula".
    > Best,
    > Benjamin
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