RE: SWRL builtinAtom/List inconsistency

From: Mike Dean (
Date: 11/16/04

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    > 1. what was the design rationale for why the List builtins currently
    > require use of i- ?
    A list is an instance of rdf:List, so any property used to refer to a list
    must be an ObjectProperty, which requires use of an iObject.
    I think we just missed this subtlety in the builtin discussions.  Support
    for lists is important for SWRL.
    > 2. perhaps we should define another kind of list that has d- members or
    > that mixes i- with d- members?
    That doesn't really help (I explored it as a test case).  Consider a Lock
    with a combination property that's a list of xsd:integers.  combination
    still needs to be an ObjectProperty.

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