FOL RuleML released

From: Boley, Harold (
Date: 11/14/04

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    The FOL RuleML <> language has been
    released as a result of the collaboration between the RuleML
    Steering Committee <> and the
    Joint Committee <>, with input
    from SCL <>:
    FOL RuleML shares/reuses much of the earlier RuleML LP syntax,
    incorporating First-Order-Logic quantifiers and disjunctions
    as well as equivalence and negation. The language adheres to
    a strict separation of declarative content from procedural
    (Assert, Query) performatives, as pioneered by KQML. This and
    further changes to RuleML 0.87 <>
    will also benefit other sublanguages towards RuleML 0.9, in
    particular the Horn logic subset.
    FOL RuleML is providing the rule component for the parallel
    SWRL FOL release <> and is a
    proposed FOL content language for SWSI <>.
    It can be regarded as a generalization of SWRL FOL in that it
    provides markup for full FOL, with n-ary relations (predicate
    symbols) and n-ary constructors (logical function symbols).
    Please direct comments to
    -- Harold

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