RE: FOL RuleML Updated

From: Boley, Harold (
Date: 09/27/04

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    I again updated the FOL RuleML document, dealing with two Issues
    from the last JC telecon and one Issue from today's RuleML telecon:
    This document describes First-Order-Logic RuleML (FOL RuleML),
    which is planned to be the FOL sublanguage of RuleML 0.9, the
    rule component of SWRL FOL, and an FOL content language for SWSI.
    FOL RuleML is based on a modular combination of two syntactically
    characterized sublanguages:
    (1) Quantifier RuleML extends RuleML 0.87 by explicit quantifiers.
    (2) Disjunctive RuleML extends RuleML 0.87 by head disjunctions.
    Connectives for equivalence and negation are then modularly added
    for defining FOL RuleML. Its DTD is available for validation tests.
    -- Harold

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