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Date: 06/25/04

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    Hi Pat and all,
    Specifically, a good reason to minimize use of attributes is that elements 
    -- as opposed to attributes -- are more directly extensible in that their 
    content can be elaborated to include further finer-grain elements (i.e., 
      At 05:04 PM 6/24/2004 -0500, Pat Hayes wrote:
    >>This is no big deal. E.g.:
    >><var>the net income per year</var>     could have been
    >><var name="the net income per year"/>
    >>But when designing RuleML, we wanted to minimize the use of XML attributes.
    >Can you tell me WHY you wanted to so minimize this use? I ask because 
    >there seem to be strongly held opinions about how 'best' to write XML, 
    >including using no attributes, using attributes as far as possible, using 
    >attributes with URLs to maximize future extendability, using striped 
    >syntax, most emphatically not using striped syntax, etc, etc.. None of 
    >this strikes me as wholly rational, frankly: it sounds like arguing over 
    >what is the proper color to paint a kitchen. But if y'all can give a good 
    >objective reason why you decided to adopt this style rule in RuleML, or if 
    >you can relate it to a clearly stateable goal or design criterion, I'd 
    >very much like to hear about it.
    >>Since <> we have uniformly used the PCDATA
    >>content, rather than CDATA attribute values, as names of ind(ividual)s,
    >>var(iable)s, etc. This has also left us the option of embedded XHTML etc.
    >>-- Harold
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    >>A question about RuleML.
    >>Why doesn't ruleml.var take the variable name as an attribute?  This seems
    >>to be a very good place to use an attribute.
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