some SCL background info

From: Pat Hayes (
Date: 06/08/04

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    The SCL group email archive is at
    Murray Altheim's old XCL proposal.
    See for 
    background. Interesting more for the XML 'style' issues than for the 
    actual details of the SCL syntax, which are broken here.
    Tanel Tammet's 'challenge' version called ECL.
    This differs from the present SCL largely in treating the nondenoting 
    case lexically instead of syntactically.  ECL led to a considerable 
    simplification to the previous SCL semantics. I hope that SCL and ECL 
    will soon become one proposal:
    John Sowa's 'controlled English' proposal, which I hope to work into 
    the SCL idea as one of the dialects:
    CL (= SCL) has been proposed and adopted as an ISO New Work Item, see
    There is also a rather thorough OMG metamodel for the SCL core 
    syntax, written by David Franklin and Elisa Kendall (consulting with 
    Deb) but I seem to have lost my archived copy of this as part of the 
    general cockup caused by switching to a new computer. I will get 
    another copy and post it to the list soon.
    Finally, the main CL website is at
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