Re: Joint Committee telecon today 27 April

Date: 04/27/04

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    i can not make it today due to a darpa meeting  and next week due to vacation 
    and the following week due to a different darpa meeting.
    sorry for the absence.
    one thing though - if there is any either short summary of the dagstuhl 
    (or updated web pages), that would be great to see.
    In a message dated 4/27/2004 3:09:34 AM Pacific Daylight Time, 
    We'll have our weekly telecon today (April 27) from 4-5pm EDT, 1-2pm PDT,
    and corresponding times in other locations.
    The dial-in numbers are
      U.S.:  866-779-0773
      outside U.S.:  +1-334-309-0262
      After dialing, enter *6190862* (including stars)
      If you're asked, the chairperson is Mike Dean
    A parallel logged IRC session will be available on the #joint-committee
    channel at (see for the server
    Below is a draft agenda; additions are welcome.
    agenda updates/additions
      Hoolet SWRL Reasoner [1]
    minutes deferred
    Dagstuhl Seminar 04171:  Logic Based Information Agents [2] report (Peter,
    Ian - 10 min)
    WWW2004 Developer Day Rules on the Web track proposal (Benjamin, et al - 10
    SWRL updates [3] (Mike, et al - 20 min)
      XML Schema for SWRL XML Concrete Syntax [4]
      completed built-in descriptions
      removed swrlb:datatype in favor of datarangeAtom and renumbered Section 8
      updated swrl.rdf and swrl.owl
      added links to namespaces and examples
      added brief "gensym" discussion to issuesList
      alphabetized and updated references
      XHTML validation and link checking
      outstanding issues
        ruleml namespace
        optional naming of rules (name attribute vs. _rlab element)
        builtin example(s)
        depiction of ∧ and ⇒ characters
        summary of changes?
    SWRL 0.6 approval? (all - 10 min)
    next week
      PI Meeting plans

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